Diamond Gemstone Jewellery

Best Foot Forward

Boot bracelets are set to be a huge trend in 2010, so get ahead by making your own! Perfect for personalising those UGGs you got for Christmas, they are so simple to make, yet the finished results look stunning. Embellish faux suede cord with beads, pendants and chain in appropriate colours to suit your footwear, then adjust to fit and strut your stuff!

Perfect Fashionable Nose Rings

A nose ring is a section of jewelry damaged through a hole sliced in the nose. It includes attraction to a woman's facial features. The practice of stabbing a woman's nostril and interleaving jewelry into it dates reverse to ancient times. This fashion incident continues to grow in great scopes and is a favorite with women of all ages.

Some of the resources used to make Costume Jewelry nose rings are:
Gold-plated metal

Designer Nose Rings
Nose rings are presented in many sizes and shapes. Jeweled earrings have artificial stones of all colors and sizes based on the design. They may have screw closings, or plug closures. In some cases, nose screws, after being insert into the nostril, just need to be pushed to be held in place. There are also false nose studs which do not need the nostril/septum to be penetrated. They need to be concised onto the nostrils/septum. One more style of nose studs which necessitates no piercing is of the magnetic kind. Women are diminishing for these 'no-pain' fashion accessories which are offered in many colors too.

Silly Bands

Rubber bands by Silly Bandz are made of silicon and are die molded into fun shapes: Harry the Catterpillar; Igor the Spider; Betty Jo the Butterfly and more. My personal favorite is Speedy the Snail!
They look and behave like normal (albeit colorful) rubber bands when stretched. But when removed from whatever they are holding, they instantly spring back into their original shapes! Flick them at your co-workers, use them for wrapping presents or horde them all for yourself. What a great gift for students or parties.

Children's Fashion

Children's Fashion

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are the professionals who create the billions of clothing and accessory designs that are available on the market for consumers to choose and buy from as a rule. The clothing items are dresses, shoes, suits, and numerous other articles of clothing and accessories that are what consumers seek to purchase for themselves and their families.

Most designers do specialize in one type of fashion designing specifically and this can be either women or men’s wear. Some other areas do include children’s apparel, footwear design, accessory design, and so forth. Some fashion designers do extend themselves to be creative in all the areas mentioned herein. It all depends on what the fashion designer wants to do and if they are exclusive to just one area alone. Fashion designers can also design lingerie, swimwear, and handbags. Those fashion designers who do work for clothing manufacturers do not do a whole lot of original work that is theirs. Instead, they tend to adapt the fashions of other top designers who have winning styles on the market.

Fashion design totally differs from costume designing and this is due to the fact that fashion designs go through a state where they are not always wanted but still in good working order overall. This kind of state usually lasts one or two seasons at a time in length. These particular seasons, which are recognized, are no other than autumn and winter and spring and summer.

Carmen Electra on - Movie Set in Florida Keys

Carmen Electra on - Movie Set in Florida Keys

New releases from Nokia X3 and X6

At Nokia World 2009 were presented two new phone line with the index X (short XpressMusic) - touchscreen smartphone X6 and a slider with an index of X3. Both of them should appear on sale later.......

Bhavana Saari Photoshoot

8 more Images of Bhavana here

How To Choose Nail Colour

On the basis of skin tone:

Personally I don’t feel there is a need to take your skin tone into consideration; every color suits every skin tone so long as you are confident enough to carry it off with poise! However, if you are conscious about your complexion, here are a few suggestions of nail polish color that could help to compliment the tone of your skin:

1. For Fair Skin:

Generally, if you have a fair skin, almost every color would suit you. Be it a deep shade or a light one, a bold one or a conventional color; be free to apply whichever color you like! Still, here is a few guiding tips you may find helpful. Get soft as well as bright shades of pink, purple and red (be it vermillion color or a berry red) to flatter your complexion. Shades of blue and silver look awesome! If you have a pale skin tone, you might like softer shades of peach, violet and brown since deeper shades would look too prominent. For a bold style statement, go for black, orange and green.

2. For Dark Skin:

Dark and rich shades look good on dark skinned women. Get chocolate brown, dark purple and maroon colored nail polish for a regular look. However, if your dark complexion is on account of excessive tanning, you might even like to apply light shades of brown and pink along with other warm shades. Golden color would look fabulous on you and if you want to be a bit experimental, lay your hands on a nice shade of yellow! Pearly white and peach color is also great for you if you want a natural look!

3. For Medium Skin:

The best option is to go for in-between colors if you are blessed with a medium skin tone. You can have a number of choices as far as nail color is concerned. For impressive hands, apply bright shades of orange, red, pink and yellow. If you want a tanned look, go for nail polish with glitters. You might like avoiding dark shades of blue, green and purple.

5 Great Wrap Dresses for Fall

New twists on the 70s classic.
Diane Von Furstenberg in her iconic design.

The wrap dress has been around for ages (a toga is a type!) but in its modern, work-friendly incarnation, it dates to the 1970s, when womenswear pioneer Diane von Furstenberg debuted the garment as part of her collection for modern women. Flattering, versatile, and often turned out in travel-friendly jersey, the wrap dress has been a staple in the closets of busy yet stylish women ever since.

Timeless in appeal, a 1970s-era DVF wrap dress would look as stylish today as it back then — testament to the design’s enduring appeal. Thankfully, you don’t need to limit yourself to vintage to get this classic look: versions of wrap dresses are available in almost every major store this season, complete with updated twists like stretch micro-fabric or modern prints. Pair yours with tights, boots and a chunky necklace for a casual look, or vamp it up with heels and dangly earrings for workplace chic.

Scroll down to see our suggestions for wrap dresses for fall.