Best Celebrity Hairstyles

We’ll dedicate today’s post to our female readers since they care about themselves and want to look always perfect and radiant. Surfing the net I’ve found some examples of celebrity hairstyles that can help you decide which one best suits your type of hair and face. In addition, I’ve found the perfect models: Celebrities, singers and actresses that will show off their hairstyles for your eyes only. They always look perfect but they spend half of their life at the hairdressers and the other half at the beauty parlor. Well, Camilla Parker Bowles also spends lots of money in hairdressing and beauty but I think she’d better save it. I prefer the girls in the pictures below. In this post you will find many different hairstyles suitable for all types of hair and faces: blonde, brunette, ginger or dark brown hair, long hair, long or short bob hairstyles, curly hair, straight hair or updos. Let’s get started.
 best celebrity hairstyles Camila Parker Bowles hairstyle disaster
 best celebrity hairstyles Adriana Lima Alessandra Ambrosio Gisele Bundchen wearing rollers
 best celebrity hairstyles Alessandra Ambrosio getting her hair fixed
Although I don’t want to discriminate in favor of any color or style, we’ll talk about blondes first. It’s just a way to get started. The saying that gentlemen prefer blondes is not always true. Two different proposals for those of you who prefer long hair. Scarlett Johansson’sg long straight hairstyle tied up with a bobby pin. I like it. Besides, if you are wearing expensive earrings you can show them off.
 best celebrity hairstyles Scarlett Johansson long straight hairstyle
The following proposal is a long wavy hairstyle. As you can see Heidi Klum usually prefers to wear long wavy hair flowing in the wind. Sometimes she also wears updos or prom hairstyles though. I prefer the first one. This hairstyle makes her look like a bad girl and men love that.

Let’s go on with short hairstyles. Kate Moss always wears a natural hairstyle. This hairstyle gives Kate a bit of a bohemian look. It’s a good choice for strong and slightly wavy hair.

Our next guest is the controversial American actress and model Sienna Miller. Sienna has tried almost all hairstyles from fringe bangs to updos. She wears her blond hair always impeccable. Sometimes she seems to prefer short curly bobs.

Jessica Simpson changes her hairstyle quite often. Jessica usually prefers to wear short hair and show off some accessories. As she’s a real bombshell, all hairstyles suit her perfectly.
celebrity hairstyles Jessica Simpson short blonde bob
Our next hairstyle is worn by an increasing number of women since it’s quite a comfortable one. It’s the favorite hairstyle of Victoria Beckham and Sharon Stone. Let’s talk about Victoria. As a trendy and fashionable woman, “Posh” has worn all kind of hairstyles from hair extensions to short hairstyles. Victoria usually wears a short bob with long bangs over her face and high layers at the rear achieved combing the locks straight back and softening them with her fingers. My personal opinion: I don’t like it very much.
best celebrity hairstyles Sharon Stone Victoria Beckham short hairstyles
Now it’s turn for Jessica Biel. She wears all kind of hairstyles and haircuts and, I don’t know why, but all of them suit her perfectly. She changes from blond to brunette, from short to long hair, from straight to curly and sometimes she also wears updos.
 best celebrity hairstyles Jessica Biel short curly bob
 best celebrity hairstyles Jessica Biel brunette long and short bob hairstyles
Katherine Heigl’s natural hair color is blonde with a some shades of brown. Katherine, intern Isobel "Izzie" Stevens from “Grey’s Anatomy”, looks always radiant wearing blond curly long hair or updos. Sometimes she likes to knock us out and goes brunette.
best celebrity hairstyles Katherine Heigl curly and straight long hairstyles
 best celebrity hairstyles Katherine Heigl brunette short hairstyle
We had enough of blondes, hadn’t we? Now it’s turn for brunettes. Catherine Z. Jones usually shows off her long dark hair flowing in the wind. Catherine follows a special hair treatment based on caviar which makes her hair look always shining and beautiful.

Two more examples of long dark hairstyles: Brazilian model Adriana Lima and Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. Adriana Lima, the most beautiful women in the World, loves to wear her dark hair loose and shining. Penelope Cruz never takes trouble in selecting her hairstyle. She’s always worn long hairstyles and also loves to wear her hair flowing in the wind.

Controversial American model Naomi Campbell usually prefers long hair, slightly below the shoulder line, and fringe bangs over her forehead. Below Naomi you can see Rihanna. Rihanna is crazy about fringe bangs hairstyles and usually wears a bob about shoulder length. Occasionally she also wears long hairstyles.
 best celebrity hairstyles Rihanna fringe bangs

Brunettes also wear long curly hair. Singer Alicia Keys usually wears neat curls although sometimes she also chooses updos. Alicia loves to show off her exuberant curly hair but sometimes she prefers to gather it into a ponytail or wear a long straight hairstyle.

Some brunettes also prefer short hairstyles. Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s wife, prefers short hair and it must be said that it suits her baby face quite well. American actress Selma Blair also decided to have her long hair cut and looks very pretty in her short hairstyle.
best celebrity hairstyles Katie Holmes Selma Blair short hairstyles
Last but not least we’ll talk about dark brown and mahogany hair. In my opinion some of the most stunning women in the world fall in this category. Some of them, like Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, prefer to wear long hair. Alessandra Ambrosio, one of my favourite models, sports a long hairstyle combed in the middle enhancing hair volumen by curling the ends a bit.

Here we can see Jennifer Lopez sporting her wavy short hairstyle flowing in the wind. Gorgeous.
 best celebrity hairstyles Jennifer Lopez brown short wavy hairstyle
American actress Angelina Jolie normally prefers to wear long wavy hairstyles in different tones (sometimes even dark ones). In addition, Angelina usually loves to wear her wavy hair flowing in the wind.

Jennifer Anniston also wears shoulder-long bobs. Jennifer has thin hair and never curls it. Her golden tones are more visible wearing straight hair combed in the middle.

American singer Beyonce Knowles alternates long straight hair with curly hair.
best celebrity hairstyles Beyonce long straight hairstyle

To conclude this post I have chosen two stunning Evas: Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria two of the sexiest women alive. Eva Longoria from “Desperate housewives" usually wears bob hairstyles although occasionally she also chooses long ones. Sometimes she wears a bob haircut over the shoulder line and combs her hair to one side.
best celebrity hairstyles Eva Longoria short and long hairstyles
Eva Mendes (“Ghost Rider”), one of the hottest latinas in the World, usually sports long hairstyles but sometimes, to outline her face, gathers her hair into an updo with side fringes. Eva sometimes gets her hair cut and curls the ends a bit. Whatever her hairstyle, she’s gorgeous and one of my favorite actresses.

As you have seen in this post, there are loads of possibilities to choose amongst depending on the shape of face, hair color and texture. The next time you go to the hairdressers get this catalogue and tell the hairdresser the celebrity whose haircut you would love to wear. Best regards.

Thalia Jewelry Designs

Thalia Jewelry Designs
If you haven't heard of jewelry designer Rachel Clinnick yet, get ready to be an early adapter. The San Francisco-based hand-forger, who draws inspiration from Etruscan and Byzantine design and often incorporates antique stones such as rosecut diamonds, is the artisan behind Thalia Jewelry. Combining modern aesthetics with old world touches to create pieces that are both bohemian and luxurious, she's already developed a cult following with her stunning 18K to 22K one-of-a-kind pieces.


Trend Alert: Ombre Hair

Trend Alert: Ombre Hair
Well, well, well... maybe it's the recession, or maybe the tress tide is turning... perfectly coiffed hair isn't as chic as it used to be. The new locks look is incredibly laissez-faire—hair that looks like it hasn't been touched by a colorist in at least six months is all the rage. So what if you haven't been keeping up with your salon appointments—take a cue from one of these 10 celebrities on how to maintain your two-tone mane.—India-Jewel Jackson

Wear a Weave
You don't need to actually dye your hair to get the look. The Hills star Lauren Conrad and singer Ciara take a temporary approach by blending a blonde extension into their mane.


Kristen Stewart is summer’s hottest star

Style Star: Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart is summer’s hottest star. Her outfit choices have been heating up the red carpet as Twilight fever spreads. See some of her best looks that have eclipsed her Hollywood competitors' ensembles.

Kristen Stewart in Dolce & Gabbana
At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Stewart captured our attention in a Dolce & Gabbana two-toned dress.


Victoria Beckham says Romeo will take over fashion empire because he likes bowler hats

Victoria Beckham says Romeo will take over fashion empire because he likes bowler hats
Victoria Beckham says that son Romeo will be taking over her fashion line because he is such a good dresser.

"I think that my middle son thinks that he is going to take over. Romeo likes to get involved," Victoria said.

She talked about the differances between her sons and why seven year old Romeo is best suited to being a fashion mogul:

"I mean you've got Brooklyn who is a real boy, he's turning into a teenager. Then we have Romeo who loves fashion. He likes to go out in a suit with a bowler hat... he's a real fashion lover."

"And Cruz just wants to break dance every opportunity he gets," Victoria said.


Victoria Beckham sends Emma Bunton free clothes, we want some too please

Victoria Beckham sends Emma Bunton free clothes, we want some too please
After Melanie C went to the Laurence Olivier Awards wearing one of her bandmate Victoria Beckhams dresses, it turns out Emma Bunton is at it too!

Baby Spice, who is now a judge on Dancing On Ice, has divulged that Victoria sends her free clothes from her wildly successful fashion line to wear on the show.

Emma said, "I love her stuff! In fact, I've been very lucky as she's sent me a few bits. It's been lovely to get some of her dresses because they are beautiful - you do feel so sexy in them. They're gorgeous."

She went on, "I am so, so proud of her. She has always been so into fashion. I think she's pushed boundaries by going from music to designing..."


Victoria Beckham plans to design suits

Victoria Beckham plans to design suits
Victoria Beckham is apparently moving on from designing extremely tailored dresses, to tailored suits!

The Spice Girl told InStyle: "I've started a capsule collection of tailoring. This is one of my suits."

And she's doing it properly too - Victoria revealed that she studied suit structure with a tailor from London's Savile Row. She said, "[Tailoring] is about structure, getting the right shoulder and right waist. Everything is handmade and super flattering. It's been a tricky thing to do, but a lot of fun."

We can't wait to see the collection!


WAGs according to New Look customers

WAGs according to New Look customers
You know what World Cup season means - it's also WAG season!

New Look carried out a survey to find out what you thought of them - and it seems you don't think much; in fact, most of the participates felt WAG's should just get a job and stop wearing so much fake tan!

On the fashion front, 41% thought Cheryl Cole has the best style, even ahead of style icon Victoria Beckham who only earned 15% of the votes, but who did win Most Miserable. Well done!

Here are the rest of the stats:

18% think that WAG's make good role models.

1 in 5 said they could be tempted into the WAG lifestyle.
1 in 10 said they would get together with a footballer they didn't find attractive just because of who he was.
1 in 10 would forgive a love rat if he was a pro footballer.
42% would like to nominate Kristen Stewart for a WAG makeover.


Victoria Beckham in Giles at the Diane Von Furstenberg and Claridges party

Victoria Beckham in Giles at the Diane Von Furstenberg and Claridges party
Victoria Beckham attended the Diane Von Furstenberg and Claridges party at Claridges yesterday and demanded attention in her tiny dress and boots.

The designer wore a Giles 2009 mini dress which we've already seen on her before in salmon pink, paired with black suede Brian Atwood 'RZ' boots (the 'RZ' stands for Rachel Zoe - the stylist collaborated with the shoe brand on the Fall 2010 collection).

We're totally coveting her boots - they're amazing - but we're not really feeling the mini dress and them together. Excuse the cliche, but it's still a bit Vivian Ward.

What do you think?


Victoria Beckham designs cars now

You may wonder what Victoria Beckham here is doing in front of a range rover: the answer is simple - not content with designing a line of very popular dresses, the former singer has turned her hand to car design.

Victoria (here btw, she is wearing a nude asymmetric drape neck dress from her Autumn/Winter 2010 range) will be designing the interior of the 'Evoque' range rover, which will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September.

She said, "I am incredibly excited to be collaborating with Range Rover. I like to take on a challenge and I'm ready for it."

On sale from summer 2011 and priced from £30,000 to around £45,000, the Evoque will be the 'greenest' Range Rover so far produced. Wonder what the inside will look like? Nice and tailored in slimming black?


Victoria Beckham in Miu Miu

Victoria Beckham in Miu Miu
Victoria Beckham was one of the guests at Net-a-Porter's 10th Anniversary House-Warming Party in London last night and was as usual, one of the best dressed there.

The fashion designer wore a Miu Miu Resort 2010 dress which she has modified from the catwalk version by giving it a white top half and baby blue textured skirt.

Victoria added Brian Atwood nude patent pumps and a linked Lanvin necklace to her outfit.

She looks great however - please, please, please, Victoria, get a new pose. We'd love to see her switch from her normal position into that... contortion.



Hair trends 2010, The new bob,
Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 2010
Dannii Minogue gave us 101 ways to wear a bob on X Factor in 2009. But the ladies who are taking the traditional bob into the next decade are Alexa Chung and Katie Holmes. This year's version is softer, longer and doesn't involve hours spent blow drying your hair with a round brush for the perfect finish. Make like Alexa Chung who favours a blast-dry-and-go look or Katie Holmes who wears her long bob side-parted and with a little more groomed curl in the ends.

From: instyle


Hair trends 2010, Loose waves
Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 2010
Top hairstylist for Pantene, Sam McKight, says 'this is the hair equivalent of 'no make-up' make-up.' In other words, it's a more effortless look than all the curling we've done with ghds but the style still has a groomed feel. Wear loose waves like Leighton Meester gently tonged from the mid-lengths down, or you can make like the Versace models who had chunky widths of hair loosely tonged to create a luxurious, laidback style.


Hair trends 2010, Hair accessories
Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 2010
We fell in love with Alice bands last year (in part thanks to Gossip Girl's Queen B), and the hair accessory is here to stay for 2010. This year it's less about preppy bands and more about glamorous sparkle. See Diane Kruger's beaded head band and the twinkling hair gems at Dolce & Gabbana.

Dishevelled updos

hair trends 2010, Dishevelled updos
Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 2010
The theme at Chanel's S/S show was chic peasant dressing with a signature Chanel twist. The boucle jacket clad models rolled around in the hay as part of the performance and their dishevelled updos were the fitting accompaniment to the fashion. This is an easy, fuss-free way to wear your hair up. The key is to have some strands falling out of the up do, and Taylor Swift's naturally curly hair lends itself to this effortless style.