Agyness Deyn: now she's an actress, too

Well, it gets a bit boring just being a supermodel and a pop star, doesn't it?

Yes, hot on the heels of Ms Agyness Deyn's recording debut comes her movie debut: a speaking part (imagine!) in a new film tentatively titled The Right Side Of My Exultant, in which she'll co-star with Dustin Hoffman's son Jake.

It's the first time I've actually had to speak," Agyness tells The Sun (presumably meaning: speak in a film. Not in real life). "I kind of feel like a fish out of water and I'm finding a big pond to swim in. But I like opening up different channels and keeping myself interested."

Well, there's nothing wrong with that, Agyness. How about trying supermarket work next?

Agyness Deyn takes up busking

Erm, possibly.

Don't you just love the way that supermodels get away with things that the rest of us would just look stupid doing?

Take, for example, Agyness Deyn here. Out in the sunshine in North London yesterday, with her pals Nick Grimshaw and Henry Holland (out of shot, but similarly attired - trust me).

She's wearing a big shirt, denim shorts, red socks and brown lace-up shoes. Oh, and she's carrying a guitar.

The rest of us would look really silly if we left the house like this. Whereas Agyness just looks a little bit silly.

Agyness Deyn looks fierce at the Graduate Fashion Week Awards

Doesn't she? I mean: literally? Fierce? I know I'm a bit scared. You?

British supermodel Agyness Deyn turned up to the Graduate Fashion Week Awards in London last night - and just to prove her British supermodel credentials, she dressed like a punk, and carried a Union Jack clutch bag. Every home should have one!

She also pulled her favourite yellow carpet pose. I don't know much about modelling - but aren't models supposed to have lots of different 'looks'? Or is Agyness the Derek Zoolander of British fashion?

Agyness Deyn gets tattoos

She also gets a little worse for wear. Well, it was a Thursday night. And Thursdays are the new Fridays, aren't they?

Yes, here was Agyness Deyn looking a little 'tired and emotional' as she left London's Punk nightclub at 4am last night. Or rather: this morning.

But only Agyness Deyn could look this worse for wear, and still great - sporting her trademark blonde crop, a Union Jack handbag, and an adorable, pale pink and crem prom dress.

Oh, and a whole bunch of enormous (fake) tattoos - including an umbrella on her arm with the words 'Long may she rain' and, as you can see, several on her chest bearing the names of her friends.

Let's hope that a) that wasn't indelible ink and b) she hasn't got a modelling assignment today, eh?

Has Agyness Deyn dyed her hair blue?

Is this the new 'Aggy' hairstyle we all need to be copying?

Actually, to be fair, it could be that Agyness Deyn hasn't dyed her hair blue - and it's simply a trick of the light. The sunlight in New York, to be precise. Well, the city does feel like a film set - it doesn't surprise me that they'd lay on special lighting.

Yes, our Aggy is in the Big Apple - doesn't she know how many carbs there are in fruit?! - and showing off her British supermodel credentials by a) being ever so slightly punk by smoking, b) being very pale and c) carrying a Union Jack bag. See, even British supermodels need back up when they ask: "Don't you know who I am?!"

Hollywood beckons for Agyness Deyn

That's right, folks: like many before her (such as Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and our very own Sienna Miller) Agyness Deyn is changing her job title to model-slash-actress. And it's all thanks to Dustin Hoffman. Well, partly.

According to the Daily Mail, Agyness is heading to Hollywood after starring in a short film -
The Right Side Of My Exultant Brain, which was co-written by Five O'Clock Heroes band member Alanna Masterson. Agyness, you may remember, lent guest vocals to their last single, erm, whatever it was called.

Anyway: Agy's short film co-starred Dustin Hoffman's son Jake - and as a result, "'Dustin is helping her find an agent to secure her major roles". Or so a source tells the Mail.

So, can Ms Deyn actually act? Well, she looked suitably mean and moody in the Five O'Clock Heroes video. Hopefully she can just stretch four minutes to, ooh, 200, and she'll be some way there.

Agyness Deyn spotted with Agent Provocateur bag, tan

I don't know which is more shocking. Agyness Deyn shopping in a raunchy lingerie store, or Agyness Deyn with an orange tan.

Is it natural? If so, where on earth has she been on holiday, because it seems to have appeared overnight? And if not, I'm shocked, frankly. As I, for one, never had Agyness down as a WAG.

Still, with those shades, that hairdo, that shirt and those shoes, she'd never really look like a WAG. Possibly the teenage son of a WAG... but never a WAG.

Agyness Deyn strips off for POP

What does a model do when she becomes an uber-model? She stops wearing clothes, of course. If you're that fashion, darling, who needs gladrags?

Agyness Deyn has just been photographed leaping from a fire escape, naked, for POP magazine. (Quite frankly if that's the dizzying heights of supermodeldom, I'm quite happy being 5ft nothing). POP's magazine editor-in-chief Katie Grand said: 'Agyness was really scared of heights. The photographer jumped too - everyone jumped. She was black and blue afterwards."

We just hope they paid her well.

Diane Kruger sports this season's must-have accessory: the bike

Well, if it's good enough for Agyness Deyn...

Yes, anybody who's anybody has got a bike these days in New York. It's good for you (well, unless you get hit by a car), it's environmentally friendly... what's not to love? Nothing. Which is precisely why Diane Kruger was spotted pushing hers through the streets of the Big Apple yesterday.

While her boyfriend Joshua Jackson was off cheering up his ex, Katie Holmes - apparently - Diane donned her shirt, leggings and ballet pumps for a ride to the shops. Let's hope she bought some panniers too, then, eh?

Agyness Deyn parties at London Fashion Week

At the same party as Pixie Geldof, no less.

Yes, after appearing on the catwalk at London Fashon Week for her pal Henry Holland, Agyness Deyn rocked up - and she most definitely rocked up - at his party last night.

She rocked up wearing neon pink socks, a bag with neon straps, a sheer black dress and a neon suntan. Do you suppose neon will be big this coming spring? Hmm.

Agyness Deyn and the Strokes' Albert Hammond Jnr walk little dogs

Yes, Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jnr of The Strokes were seen strolling around the streets of New York with what may have been two very small dogs. We'll confirm this for you as soon as we've had a chance to put them under the microscope. The dogs that is, not Aggie and Bert.

The two opted for hobo-chic for their jaunt; Albert wearing what appears to be a truly old Cat Stevens T-shirt, and Agyness going for a ziggy-zaggy (that's a proper term from the fashion world) comfy old jumper, skinny jeans and boots that I believe we've seen somewhere before. Take a look here. From Agent Provocateur to yellow placky bag. Maybe it's her pooper-scooper of choice.

And is it just me or do those salmon-coloured straps on her black boots give Agyness a kind of "surgical" look? I'd pop a penny in her head if there was a slot.

Agyness Deyn adopts smiley biker fairy look

Agyness Deyn joined her good friend and designer Henry Holland for a New York shopping trip yesterday. And what a gloriously sunny day it turned out be, with smiles all round.

That's Henry's arm on the left, with the two little stripes (maybe he works part time for an airline). And on the right a mystery person carries a Marc Jacobs bag. So, a little detective work, and I deduce that they have been shopping at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in the West Village. Oh, I'm so good I should work for CSI: Sheffield.

But where's Mr Albert Hammond out of the popular beat combo The Strokes? Hmmm, more detective work needed. Ponders a bit... Why, he'll be at home looking after the dogs of course! Doh!

As you can see, Agyness went for a biker fairy look. A leather jacket on top, and a frilly tutu type skirt below; tight black leggings and cute buckled boots. Sort of an evil fairy. But with a grin.

I wonder if she knew she'd been beaten to this grunge fairy look. Why, only two days ago Geri Halliwell wore a suspiciously similar skirt. Oh poor you, Agyness. Beaten to the fashion punch by the author of Eugenia Lavender (she wrote it herself, you know).

Still, you win. Geri didn't think of a contrasting leather look. Hee hee hee. Let the little evil fairy fight commence.

Agyness Deyn rocks the androgynous look, keeps pooch warm

Agyness Deyn, last year's 'it' model (it's now all about Jourdan Dunn apparently) shows us how to combine the hottest winter trends with travel chic.

Whilst keeping her pooch warm (he's wrapped up nice and snug in the bag), Agyness was pictured here on her way from LAX airport in Los Angeles. Aggy's perfected that 'thrown together but I still look cool' look - I myself try to do this look, but with much less cool.

Agyness mixes it up with a mish-mash of patterns - the shirt and the scarf shouldn't work but somehow they do. The faded black skinnies and the tux complete the look perfectly, there is more than just a nod to Kate Moss in there too with those biker boots. I like, a lot.

Agyness Deyn in what us mere mortals would call fancy dress

When we first spotted this picture of the lovely Agyness Deyn, we thought "cool fancy dress outfit", but how wrong we were!

The ballerina pink dress, neon pink headband, oversized fur-esque coat, which is a part Dennis Waterman in Minder, part Cruella Deville, had us all longing for a giant fancy dress chest trove of our own that we could raid.

However, on closer inspection this is not fancy dress. No no no, its just another 'high fashion' creation that us mere mortals could only dream of stepping out in. I infinity dare you to wear something like Aggy's creation to Tesco's to do your weekly shop. You might get a few odd looks but hey, who cares? it's high fashion darrhling!

Agyness takes Manhattan

Over-knee boots? Check. A flash of animal print? Check. Coffee to go? Check. Cute Daschund puppy? Check. Not quite so cute rock star boyfriend? Check. Our Agy looked every bit the supermodel as she took a break from moving house in New York yesterday. The only thing missing was the clashing colours normally adorned by her that we've become so accustomed to. Could it be that New York has changed her style? Let's hope not - perhaps her usual Christmas gift of crazy knitwear is just delayed in the post.

One thing for certain is that she's going to be staying in the US for some time - the transatlantic couple have been housing hunting for a while, so this really is a big move. Come visit soon, Agy - we'll miss both you and your mental wardrobe!

Agyness Deyn gets caught short in New York

We've missed having Agyness this side of the pond. When it's occasionally warm and we all start pratting around in sundresses and silly sandals, we need someone like her around to remind us that an oversized t-shirt and shorts can look equally as fab with the right accessories.

The oversized bag and sunglasses make the ensemble look like a proper outfit rather than just thrown on, but the plimsolls keep things casual. If you're not blessed with Agyness's supermodel legs though, wedges should do the trick...

Agyness Deyn feeling dog tired

Wearing some natty batik prints and denim cut-offs, Agyness Deyn should be giving herself a wry smirk and an internal thumbs up for such forward thinking fashion moves. Instead she looks a bit down in the dumps and tired.

Maybe New York life is getting her down and she's missing her friends in London? Or maybe she's realised that her beloved dog Fido is actually a large rat wearing a collar... to be fair, it's an easy mistake to make in the fashion world.

Agyness Deyn's sunny side up

The drop in temperature over here means that most Brit celebrities have been trying out their favourite pieces from their Autumn/Winter wardrobes in the past few days. But, with New York enjoying a bit more of an Indian summer, poor old Agyness is having to stick to her summer staples for a bit longer.

She looks as great as ever, but with so many great trends coming up for the new season, her androgynous skinny jeans and rock tee combo look a tad dated. Get some shoulder pads pronto Agy!

Agyness Deyn debuts her new haircut at the Henry Holland show

Another Agyness Deyn appearance, another hair-do du jour. This time the artist formerly known as Laura Hollins was sporting a jet black bowl cut (already dubbed The Purdey after Joanna Lumley's Avenger character by some over-eager PRs). And what better time to launch it than her mate Henry Holland's Spring Summer show?

She looked fantastic, of course, but just imagine how the rest of us are going to look once we've taken a pudding bowl to our heads?

Agyness Deyn shows us how to do The Purdey

Agyness Deyn demonstrates how to do 'The Purdey' for the 21st Century - just accompany it with lots of mid-Nineties jewellery and wear nothing but black.

She have gone a bit Shakespeare's Sister, but there's no doubt Agyness is onto something here. As she hit the New York premiere of An Education, Agy mixed different shapes and fabrics for an interesting and multi-faceted look.

Black doesn't have to mean boring - and it certainly doesn't have to mean 'teenage goth having a strop.' Pixie Geldof, take note.

If you fancy getting imaginative with black, check out this season's glam rock trend.

Agyness Deyn goes bats for her lashes at accessories awards

Agyness Deyn seemed keen to prove that she's the bestest at accessorising at the Accessories Council Excellence Awards earlier this week.

Despite watching Lady Gaga walk off with an award for commitment to accessorising, Agy proved her ascendency by rocking up in a pair of gigantic false eyelashes. Of course, she also bunged on loads of bracelets and a pair of sky-high heels just to really hammer the point home.

In stark contrast to Gaga's mess of neutral colours and soft shapes, Agyness stuck to clean lines and strong colours - from the Eighties-inspired suit to the Purdey currently residing on her head. To be honest, it just shouldn't work, but because its Agyness, it sort of does.

Agyness Deyn works the grim reaper look

Hey Agyness, long time no see! It seems like ages since we saw Agyness Deyn on the social scene but this week she was out at a screening of the new James Franco film, Howl, in the company of Bjork, Mischa Barton, Michael Stipe and Brook Shields.

Wearing an all-black outfit complete with knitted snood, topped off with a power-shouldered leather jacket, Agyness was seen getting on famously with Franco who plays beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the film. Following a cosy chat, they asked a mutual friend to put them in touch.

Love Agyness' look? Get your snood here.

Orlando and Agyness - a couple?

What's all this about Agyness Deyn and Orlando Bloom - another new romance bubbling under? Calm down dear it's only a commercial! Yes, lucky Agyness and Orlando got together recently for professional purposes only, to star in a campaign for Chinese fashion label, Me & City.

But while Agyness looks quite happy hamming it up for celebrated photographer, Terry Richardson, poor Orlando looks rather uncomfortable. Ah, don't sweat it Orly, you know no-one will ever see these pictures. Oh wait...

Agyness Deyn channels Karen O

Is Agyness Deyn morphing into Karen O? The edgy black bowl cut and leather biker jacket make her a dead ringer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer, and the avant garde red buckled boots don't hurt either.

Music fan Agyness was spotted at the screening of new HBO TV show How To Make It In America at the Bowery Hotel in New York City. Later, the supermodel was seen with Kirsten Dunst leaving the after party. Rock on Aggy!

Agyness Deyn takes a tumble at New York Fashion Week

It's always a bit embarrassing to fall over in public. It's even worse when you're a supermodel, and the place you're falling over in is the catwalk at New York Fashion Week in front of hundreds of cameras and the best of the fashion industry.

Agyness Deyn took not one, but two painful looking tumbles while walking the Fashion For Relief show, which aimed to raise money for the women and children of Haiti (and was, ironically enough, organized by Naomi Campbell, whose own fall during a Vivienne Westwood show in the 90s went down in fashion history).

Like a true professional, Agyness picked herself up, gave the applauding crowd of fashionistas a bow and took off the offending shoes to complete her appearance.

Agyness Deyn hits he silver screen

After expressing a wish to quit the modelling business and try her hand at some "indie films", our Agyness Deyn has nabbed herself a part in a Film noir.

In the 1930s-style short film, Mean to Me, directed by Peter McGough, Agyness plays a spurned lover who plots revenge against her ex.

Agy looks beautiful in a collection of costumes designed by Zac Posen, but is she any good? After all, previous models have attempted acting, to epic failure (Cindy Crawford, we're looking at you).

It's looking more then good though - Vanity Fair columnist George Wayne has labelled Agyness 'the next Faye Dunaway' and the director McGough praised his film's leading lady, saying 'A star is born.'

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